Designer, Emcee & Artist-Educator Klevah Knox created FreshAssMonk to expand the conversation around natural healing & energy transmutation. Her pre-existing studies in HipHop, Metaphysics and Creativity are intrinsic to her art and the energy that she extends through this brand into the world. Alongside her craftsmanship, Klevah is deeply integrated in the Chicago HipHop community, under the collective TheGr8Thinkaz and rap duo Mother Nature.

Her larger goal is to sustain a network of healers, teachers, travelers, artists and alchemists as a service to under resourced communities and individuals seeking nature-based lifestyles. Similarly, she intends to expand the brand through elevated collaborations, content, consultation, and styling. As we continue to grow inside of world with increased reliability on technology, AI and the ever-changing matrix, it is our vision that FreshAssMonk will help us all the achieve the balance and wholeness we require to stay attuned with Nature.

Not only do we bring light to every aesthetic, we are committed to healing ourselves through natural elements and encourage our Monkz to recognize the God within self, the cycles, the seasons and the elements. As we continue to battle disease, depression and disconnect, we make use of FreshAssMonk to restore our bodies to a natural vibration. 

Copper is a very strong conductor of energy and pulls higher vibrations into the physical body. It has the ability to balance meridians and chakras, and has been thought to be useful in aiding circulation, blood disorders, metabolism and arthritic conditions. Copper promotes balance and communication while enhancing the energy of any mineral or crystal it is paired with. Once plated with a non-tarnishable gold finish, our pieces are made to stand out, aiding ones magnetism, aura and energy field.