FAM Crystal Guide

CLEAR QUARTZ | Stone of Clarity

Clear Quartz contains the entire color spectrum, and can be used to amplify desires, prayers, and manifestations from the metaphysical to the physical world. Meditate with clear quartz and set your intentions. This gem is used to transmute stagnant energy both within the body as well our surrounding environments. Crystal quartz is a master healer and is thought to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, and increase the flow of energy in the body. 

AMETHYST | Stone of Manifestation

This is one of the most common stones and powerful stones, found in all corners of the world. This beautiful purple crystal is known for many things, but manifestation is at the top of the list. Connect to your highest self through the Crown Chakra and manifest with deep intention. This powerful crystal is associated with the upper chakras, helping us bring the ethereal realm to the physical plane. This includes bringing our earthly dreams to life. Use amethyst to boost the nervous system, balance hormones, relieve headaches, ease neck tension, and treat insomnia. Place amethyst under your pillow at night to sleep deeply and wake rested, ready to create and manifest. 

BLUE ONYX | Stone of Communication

This gem vibrates on the frequency of our Throat & Third Eye Chakraz, guiding us towards healthy expression, insight, and communication with our highest self and ancestors.

AVENTURINE | Stone of Opportunity

This stone amplifies the vibrant energy of our Heart Chakra, attracting prosperity and abundance into our lives. A variety of quartz, Aventurine can create physical relaxation and emotional calm. It harmonizes the mental, physical + emotional bodies, reestablishing much needed balance in an imbalanced world. This gem reminds of us our true nature, and can guide one back to a state of love and peace. Aventurine is supportive of the heart, blood, and energy circulation, and can help speed up recovery time from an injury, illness, or surgery.

CITRINE | Stone of Abundance

This gem vibrates in alignment with our Solar Plexus Chakra, inviting in both active + stabilizing energies. This yellow quartz is associated with its connection to our inner and outer wealth. Carry this stone with you to the bank, to business meetings involving finances or place citrine near you while you work. Citrine can help us to attract abundance and stability, while working with the emotional body to increase our confidence, courage and motivation. Physically, Citrine is known to stimulate the metabolism + aid in digestion and nausea. It can also be used to strengthen nerve impulses, helping the brain fire more rapidly and sharply. 

CARNELIAN | Stone of Love

This stone encourages us to align with our Sacral Chakra, maintaining a healthy relationship with our physical bodies, sensuality and creativity. 

ROSE QUARTZ | Stone of Love

This gem vibrates in alignment with our Heart and Root chakraz. As we practice expressing unconditional love to self, others, and the planet we live on, Rose Quartz assists this process by softening our edges and expanding our receptivity. Rose quartz can be used for deep emotional healing and release, and has been known to improve circulation and lower blood pressure. It can also be used to ease palpitations or skipped beats, and release tension.

OBSIDIAN | Stone of Truth

This dense black stone is a mirror stone for its ability to enhance insight and how we perceive our circumstances. It’s highly reflective surface and consistent coloring make this stone impossible to ignore. Obsidian's spiritual qualities have been known to allow sight into other worlds, into the soul itself, and into realms not accessible from earth, to gain wisdom + knowledge. Use this stone to reveal your shadows, flaws and weaknesses so you can better understand self and your intimate relationships. Use obsidian to relieve emotional distress that has long been buried, ignored, or even wiped from memory. It can also be used to ease stress and anxiety associated with emotional trauma.