Black Futurism in the Age of Aquarius

In celebration of our natural creative genius and Black ingenuity, we decided to launch our FreshAssMonk rebrand at the top of this year’s 'Black History Month'. As I revisit the vision and collective goalz of FreshAssMonk, I’m commitment to centering Black Wellness in everything that we do as we move and evolve through these unpredictable times. I realize my responsibility as a creator to be of service to this cypher through the exchange of Gemz; both material and non-material. Perfectly tailored armor for your mind-body-spirit, in a world that seems to have lost touch with its true nature. 

We have certainly entered a Portal. The more lucid and chaotic this reality becomes, the clearer we see the shift from physical to digital, from natural to synthetic, from human intelligence to artificial intelligence and so on. Many have not survived this, but many of us have gotten stronger, smarter and more serious about our spirituality. We awaken on multiple levels throughout our life, but this season seems to be guided by a more collective shift. We give gratitude to our ancestors for assisting us and sending down knowledge for a more ancient inspired future. We are blessed to share a network of healers, educators, herbalists, intuitive readers, writers, farmers, designers and griots in this Age of Aquarius, increasing our natural God-given flow to live, explore, heal and uncover our supernatural gifts.

With this in mind, it’s only right that I introduce you to my collective, my family, my team of musicians and creators — TheGr8Thinkaz. I am so inspired by the vast impact of HipHop culture on Black bodies, as a tool for transformation & self-actualization. When I Think of TheGr8Thinkaz, I’m taken back through a time machine to gold ropes and jewel-filled fingerz, obnoxious watches and custom jackets. HipHop has always been thee freshest art form, and The Elementz reflect that of nature itself, infusing knowledge of life into everything it touches.

This collaboration is important to me on a level of collective consciousness and healing through how we THINK. Expanding through how we THINK. & reviving through how we THINK. Each Thinka is represented throughout this website, and has a world full of knowledge that they move through this cypher. They use FreshAssMonk to represent their Highest Vibrational selves and further increase their magnetism. Myself and Designer FRSH Williams chose to use Chicago Black-Owned brands as backdrops for our gemz (TrapHouse Chicago, Pillars, Think Label) while our photographer Nicci Briann captured these momentz across brown skin. It is our intention with this rebrand to integrate health and aesthetics, masculine and feminine, histories and futurez. We ask that you remain on this journey with us and take full advantage of all our upcoming services. Peace, Blessinz & Black Everything Everyday 🧡

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